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Couree User  Guide

Schedule your service

Input sender and recipient information and schedule the pickup time you want to ensure your delivery arrives on time and as expected.

Pick UP and Deliver

Your packages are picked up by drivers and you can track status and get notifications once the packages are delivered. 

Estimate your Couree

Enter the dimensions of your delivery, and be sure to indicate if it is fragile or requires special instructions.

easy cancellation

You can cancel the service with good reasons. But don’t do so unless you absolutely have to. Cancellation fees may apply, and this includes not showing up to hand the delivery when your driver arrives.

Secure, trustworthy Fast Delivery 

Confirm driver identity and vehicle

Make sure that you are handing the delivery to the right driver. Check that the driver’s name, picture, and plate number match the ones registered in the app.

Rate Your Driver

Rating your driver is the best way to improve the experience for all Couree users. You can also leave a tip or compliment in the app.

Track your Couree status

You can track its progress live in the app. After it’s delivered, you can view a confirmation photo or recipient signature for the Couree.

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