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In today’s modern society, you can hail a car, get food delivered, or find a place to stay at the click of a button. But to send or receive a package on demand? That takes days, not minutes. Couree offer you the brand new experience. We started Couree to provide businesses, citizens, and drivers a better future. A future in which you can focus on growing your business, and not on the delivery expenses. A future in which you can order flowers, or groceries, or your new contact lenses, and have them arrive at your door in minutes, not days. A future in which drivers can side hustle any way they want. Couree’s mission is to make the world a better place through connecting local communities, one shared delivery at a time.

How it works

Sign up and start sending packages locally!

Choose the type of package you want to deliver or the vehicle you need.


Book a Couree and schedule pickup.

Track status and get notifications when your packages have been delivered!

What you should know before your first use.



Contact Us

1 Broadway, 14TH FL

 Cambridge, MA 02142


Tel: 617-396-7999

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